Rowena Guanzon and Makagago React to Issue of Taragis Takoyaki

The issue involving Taragis Takoyaki prompted reactions from Rowena Guanzon and Makagago

ROWENA GUANZON and MAKAGAGO – The former Comelec commissioner and the social media personality reacted to the issue surrounding Taragis, a local Takoyaki store.

In a Facebook post, Guanzon suggested that since the business has a budget for promotion, it would be better to give the money to the poor man rather than use it for other purposes. She also challenged the Takoyaki store to issue a statement that not only clarifies the situation but also demonstrates acceptance of responsibility or remorse for what occurred.

She explained that as the business delays in addressing the issue, people’s anger intensifies. According to her, if they fail to promptly rectify the problem, there is a greater likelihood of negative consequences, such as boycotts, which could result in even more significant losses.


“Taragis, tutal may budget kayo sa promotion, ibigay niyo na sa pobreng mama yung pera at maglabas ng statement hindi clarification post. Habang pinapatagal niyo eh mas lalo lang nagagalit ang tao sa inyo, kapag naboycott pa ang negosyo eh mas malaki ang mawawala sa inyo,” she noted.

On the other hand, Makagago remarked: “Mali ba tlga ang negosyo na to? Para gawin tong ganitong klase ng pagpapaasa sa mga tao? Pero grabe to a, para sakin may hangganan ang lahat…”

Taragis, a local Takoyaki establishment, stirred controversy with its April Fools Day challenge offering a ₱100,000 reward to anyone bold enough to tattoo their logo, prompting netizen Ramil Albano to accept the challenge and tattoo his forehead. Despite Taragis claiming it was a prank and stressing the importance of message comprehension, backlash ensued, leading to the deletion of their statement.

Ramil received support from some netizens, particularly after it was revealed he had a child with special needs, prompting demands for Taragis to fulfill the prize promise. However, the Takoyaki store has yet to respond to the issue.

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