Taragis Takoyaki Receives Backlash Over Forehead Tattoo April Fools Challenge

Netizens are outraged over the April Fools Challenge by ‘Taragis’ Takoyaki

PRANK GONE WRONG – Netizens are outraged over a deceptive April Fools Challenge by ‘Taragis’ Takoyaki, where a man named Ramil Albano tattooed the company’s logo on his forehead for a promised 100k prize, only to find out it was a prank.

Taragis, a local Takoyaki store, is in hot water after posting an April Fools Day challenge. Anyone daring enough to tattoo the Taragis logo on their body will receive a hefty reward of ₱100,000.

A netizen named Ramil Albano took on the challenge, getting a tattoo on his forehead. He then commented on Taragis’s post by saying: “Sir nag-pm po ako sa inyo ginagawa na po wait po ako ng chat ninyo.”

However, Taragis maintained that it was just a prank. According to them, their April Fools Day post was published earlier and after that, they received a number of messages and that someone had taken it seriously. Then, the Takoyaki store reminded netizens about the importance of reading comprehension.

Apparently, Taragis deleted their statement after earning backlash from netizens. As of press time, they continue to make rounds online, being one of the trending topics on the microblogging site, X, formerly known as Twitter with over 2k tweets.

A netizen came to defend Ramil and criticized Taragis, saying they cannot demand reading comprehension from all their audience, especially since not every Filipino knows about April Fool’s Day pranks. Meanwhile, many pledge to help Ramil financially, especially after learning that he has a special child.

Some netizens demanded that Taragis should give the ₱100,000 to Ramil since their initial post about the challenge did not indicate that it was a prank for April Fools Day. The Takoyaki store has yet to take action regarding the issue.

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