Ramil Albano to Receive P100K from Project Glow Up After Taragis Tattoo Prank

Project Glow Up to Give P100K to Ramil Albano

RAMIL ALBANO – Project Glow Up will be giving P100,000 to the man who accepted the challenge from Taragis but turned out to be a prank.

Taragis, a local Takoyaki establishment, sparked controversy with an April Fools’ Day stunt. They proposed a challenge where individuals who tattooed the Taragis logo, particularly on their forehead, would supposedly win ₱100,000.

One individual, Ramil Albano, took up the challenge and got the tattoo. He reached out to Taragis, eagerly awaiting their response.

However, Taragis clarified that it was all meant as a joke. They explained that the April Fools’ Day announcement had been made earlier and that they had received many responses before someone took it seriously. This incident highlighted the importance of correctly interpreting messages.

In response to backlash from netizens, Taragis deleted their statement. Nevertheless, the issue continues to trend online, with over 2k tweets on the microblogging site, X (formerly Twitter).

Some netizens defended Ramil and criticized Taragis, arguing that not everyone would understand their pranks, especially considering that not all Filipinos are familiar with April Fool’s Day customs. Additionally, many have pledged financial support for Ramil, especially upon learning about his child with special needs.

Certain netizens are demanding that Taragis honor the ₱100,000 prize for Ramil, as their initial challenge post didn’t explicitly state that it was an April Fools’ Day prank. However, Taragis has yet to address the matter.

Amid the issue, Ramil continues to receive blessings from people who admire his dedication for taking up Taragis’ challenge wholeheartedly. Among those is Project Glow Up, which pledged to give him P100,000.

The health and beauty center earned praise from netizens for being generous toward Ramil. As of press time, Ramil Albano has yet to give a reaction to the blessings that he has been receiving.

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