Sara Duterte: No Penalties for Teacher in Viral Video Scolding Students

VP and Education Sec. Sara Duterte Reacts to Teacher Scolding Students

SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President and Education Secretary announced that the teacher who gained viral attention for scolding her students on social media will not face any penalties.

Duterte stated that after reviewing the teacher’s explanation, she instructed the regional director to advise the teacher to take a moment to calm down when feeling angry. “Ang una ko naging reaction is tao lang iyong teacher. Lahat tayo umaabot sa punto na nagagalit tayo, lalo ‘pag nafu-frustrate tayo. This is especially true sa mga teachers dahil ang teachers natin hindi lang isa na tao ang kausap nila. Ang isang klase ay merong from 25 to 45, sometimes 55 students,” she said.

“Nakita ko iyong explanation niya, and then sinabihan ko ang regional office natin na there will be no penalties for the teacher. Just to remind the teacher that if she is angry, she has to pause. Itigil muna iyong klase. And when she’s not angry anymore, saka siya magklase ulit. There’s a need to pause pag galit iyong teacher. Iyon lang ang sinabi ko na i-remind sa teacher,” she added.

Duterte empathized with the teacher, highlighting the challenges educators face, especially when managing large classes. She emphasized that teachers are human and experience frustration like anyone else, especially given the responsibilities of handling classes with multiple students.

The teacher, according to Duterte, was unaware that the incident was being recorded online. She stressed the importance of understanding how to manage anger appropriately and encouraged the teacher to take a break from teaching when feeling upset.

Additionally, Duterte mentioned that students who felt uncomfortable due to the teacher’s actions could receive psychosocial support. According to her, trained teachers are available to provide stress debriefing, particularly in disaster situations, to help students cope with any anxiety or stress resulting from the incident.

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