Best Business To Open Near Universities

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Best Business to Launch in Close Proximity to Universities BUSINESS – The following can provide inspiration for identifying the top business opportunities in proximity to a university. Most entrepreneurs starting a business typically respond to a specific market need, and in the pursuit of identifying this market, it’s crucial to target densely populated areas. A … Read more

Bacolod Nursing Students Lauded for Helping Struggling Woman & Children

Nursing Students

Online Community Lauds Bacolod Nursing Students for Helping Struggling Woman and Children Two Bacolod nursing students were lauded for helping a struggling woman and her children during a late-night bus trip. Nowadays, acts of kindness can shine brightly as symbols of compassion and humanity. Two nursing students from Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod (CSA-B) displayed the heartwarming … Read more

Students Spotted Braving Rain While Wearing PPE in Cebu City


Video of Students in Cebu City Using PPE as Makeshift Raincoats Elicits Reactions Online Several students were spotted braving the rain while wearing PPE or personal protective equipment in Cebu City. Personal Protective Equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is a crucial line of defense for individuals working in hazardous environments or during situations where … Read more

Generous Vendor Earns Praises for Giving Free Snacks to Students w/ Perfect Scores

Generous Vendor

Generous Vendor Gives Free Snacks to Students w/ Perfect Scores on Exams A generous vendor goes viral and receives online praise for providing free snacks to students who received perfect grades on their examinations. Netizens have been praising Nanay Livy after her gimmick of giving free snacks to students who achieved perfect scores in their exams went … Read more

Female Netizen Airs Frustration Against ‘Disrespectful’ High School Students in Bacolod

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‘Disrespectful’ high school students DISRESPECFUL STUDENTS – A female netizen took to social media wherein she aired her frustration against “disrespectful” high school students she encountered in Bacolod. Earlier, Judhea Marie Aniban, a student, went to Facebook wherein she shared her encounter with 8 high school students she came across while riding a jeepney somewhere … Read more

Skillful Teacher Goes Viral for Cooking While Teaching Students Online

Skillful Teacher

Skillful Teacher Earns Praises for Multitasking Skills Cooking While Teaching Students MULTITASKING SKILLS – A skillful teacher goes viral and earns praises online for cooking while teaching his students online. Teacher is an employee either in both private and public schools to teach young children. They were tasked to assist young students to acquire knowledge, competence, … Read more

Students to Teacher Solving Problem During Night Class “Ma’am may nakaputi po sa bintana”


College Students Makes Scary Joke to Teacher Solving Math Problem During Night Class “Ma’am may nakaputi po sa bintana” College student goes viral over joke to teacher solving problem during night class “Ma’am may nakaputi po sa bintana”. A Facebook user named Honey Denn Benzon has shared the video footage of their teacher who eagerly … Read more