Elementary Teacher Flexes “Resort-Like” Workplace

Elementary Teacher Goes Viral for Flexing His “Resort-Like” Workplace

An elementary teacher has flexed his “resort-like” workplace at the Badjao Floating Integrated School in Isabela City, Basilan.

The term “teacher” refers to an individual who is professionally trained and qualified to impart knowledge, skills, and values to students in various educational settings. They play an important role in shaping the intellectual, social, and emotional development of their students.

Educators work in educational institutions, including preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities as guides, mentors, and facilitators of learning.

Elementary Teacher

Recently, Carl Angelo Jalon, a TikTok user shared video clips of his workplace, which was specifically built and designed for Badjao children, who are primarily fisherfolk, aiming to provide them with proper and quality education.

Jalon explained the unique location of the school, located right on the sea, as an intended choice to instill a sense of belonging among the students. They want the children to feel that they belong because they used to live in the sea or their houses are literally on the water.

“Kung mapapansin n’yo po na sa dagat mismo ang school location namin dahil isa ‘to sa paraan upang iparamdam sa mga bata na they belong,” Jalon said.

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The elementary teacher emphasizes the students’ active participation and eagerness to learn, expressing his enthusiasm for teaching children who aspire for knowledge and a better future.

Teacher Carl always tells his students that even if they are Badjao and others perceive them as dirty, beggars, or just fishermen, change the way teachers see them.

Elementary Teacher

Kaya palagi kong sinasabi sa kanila na kahit badjao man kayo at kung ang tingin ng ibang tao sa inyo ay madungis, manglilimos, o mangingisda lamang, ibahin n’yo ang tingin ng mga guro sa inyo,” he explained.

Mahal namin kayo at tinuturing namin kayong mga anak namin kaya ganito na lang ang pagpupursigi naming turuan at bigyan kayo ng kalidad na edukasyon,” he added.

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