Teacher Offers Cash or Free Hug to Students, Pupils Choose Hug

Teacher Let His Pupils Choose Between Cash and Hug, Students Choose Love

A generous teacher let his students choose between cash and hug, he was surprised when his pupils preferred hug.

The Facebook page “Jerics Channel” shared a heartwarming video featuring a teacher who gave his students a unique choice between receiving cash or a warm hug. The video went viral and elicited reactions from the internet users.

In the video, the teacher posed an interesting question to his students: “Pera ni Teacher? or Hug for Teacher? The unexpected response from the students touched the heart of Teacher Jeric.


He explained that he wanted to welcome his pupils differently, giving them the freedom to choose between receiving money or a heartfelt hug. The teacher was genuinely surprised by the overwhelming preference for hugs over cash.

The teacher shared that it gives him the motivation to do better as an educator because he gets to influence the power of love for humanity. This heartwarming gesture inspired him to strive for excellence in his role as an educator.

The simple yet powerful act serves as a reminder of the profound impact that love and human connection can have, even in the seemingly ordinary moments within the classroom.

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Here is the full post:

“Pera ni Teacher? or Hug for Teacher? Hindi ko inaasahan ang mga pangyayari.

A different way of welcoming my pupils. I let my pupils choose what they prefer for me if they are into money from me or just hug me. I didn’t expect the result of this activity. It gives me the motivation to do better as an educator because I get to influence the power of love for humanity.”

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