Teacher Goes Viral After Her Kindergarten Students Sing New Version of ‘Five Little Monkeys’


Teacher Gets Shocked Over Unexpected Twist in ‘Five Little Monkeys’ Nursery Rhyme A female teacher has gone viral online after her kindergarten students sang a new version of the classic nursery rhyme ‘Five Little Monkeys’. Five Little Monkeys” is a popular children’s rhyme and song that tells the story of five mischievous monkeys who keep … Read more

Sara Duterte: No Penalties for Teacher in Viral Video Scolding Students

Sara Duterte

VP and Education Sec. Sara Duterte Reacts to Teacher Scolding Students SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President and Education Secretary announced that the teacher who gained viral attention for scolding her students on social media will not face any penalties. Duterte stated that after reviewing the teacher’s explanation, she instructed the regional director to advise … Read more

Teacher Gives Opinion About Today’s Generation of Students


Teacher says today’s students are not taking responsibility seriously TODAY VS PAST – A teacher’s post on social media gained widespread attention for criticizing today’s students, describing them as not taking responsibility seriously. In a Facebook post, teacher Berlin Celoza compared his generation to current students, saying they don’t understand the importance of being responsible. … Read more

Teacher Gets Emotional While Folding Her Uniform


Lady Teacher Bursts Into Tears While Folding Her Uniform A female teacher goes viral and earns sympathy from the netizens for being emotional while folding her school uniform. Rich Gonzales, a 30-year-old teacher from Sarangani, couldn’t hold back tears as she folded her uniforms one by one after teaching. But her sadness had a deep … Read more

Teacher’s Playful Encounter with Sleeping Student Goes Viral

Sleeping Student

Teacher Goes Viral Over her Playful Encounter with Sleeping Student Inside Classroom A female teacher has captured the hearts of netizens after a lighthearted moment with a sleeping student during class went viral online. Teachers play a major role in influencing the future because they develop students’ minds, share knowledge, and teach values. They influence … Read more

Non-Advisory Teacher Airs Sentiments: “umaasa kalang na ambunan ka ng tiratirang pansit”

Non-Advisory Teacher

Non-Advisory Teacher Expresses Sentiments During Christmas Party A non-advisory teacher has expressed his sentiments, saying, “umaasa kalang na ambunan ka ng tiratirang pansit.” Christmas parties at school are special occasions where students and teachers gather to celebrate the spirit of the season. It’s a wonderful time of the year when schools come alive with laughter, … Read more

Talkative Student Brings Good Vibes Online for Interrupting Class

Talkative Student

Talkative Student Repeatedly Interrupts Teacher During Class A talkative student goes viral and brings good vibes online for causing interruptions during a class discussion. Being a student is an exciting and important part of life. It’s a time when young minds explore, learn, and grow, laying the foundation for their future. Students spend a significant … Read more