Sara Duterte Posts Cryptic Message on IG: “Sa imong ambisyon, do not be tambaloslos”

Sara Duterte

The cryptic message of Sara Duterte on Instagram SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines has sparked curiosity with an intriguing Instagram post. The post, which states “Sa imong ambisyon, do not be tambaloslos,” has captured the attention of the media, who have sought clarification from Duterte’s staff. However, as … Read more

Sara Duterte Takes Oath As Member Of Eagles

Vice President Sara Duterte

Sara Duterte: “It’s admirable how you so willingly pooled your resources to respond to certain issues and basic problems besetting underprivileged Filipinos” SARA DUTERTE – Vice President Sara Duterte recently took her oath as a new member of socio-civic group Fraternal Order of Eagles. The Vice President took an oath at Apo View Hotel in … Read more

Deped Chief VP Sara Duterte Orders Investigation on Alleged Maternity Leave Scam

Sara Duterte on maternity leave scam

Maternity leave scam? Sara Duterte orders probe in it MATERNITY LEAVE SCAM – A probe into the alleged maternity leave scam has been ordered by Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio, who also serves as the secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd). Michael Poa, the agency’s spokesman said that education department has already established a fact-finding … Read more

Sara Duterte Catches Netizens’ Attention for Fixing the Shoelace of Student She’s Talking to

Sara Duterte

Mother’s instinct! Sara Duterte captures attention of netizens for her gesture toward a student SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines caught the attention of netizens after being spotted fixing the shoelace of student she’s talking to. Sara Vicenta Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio, the 15th and current Vice President of the Philippines, … Read more

Netizens Recall Mon Tulfo vs Claudine and Raymart Brawl After he Criticize Sara Duterte

Mon Tulfo

Amid the criticism of Mon Tulfo against Sara Duterte, netizens brought up the brawl involving him and former couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago AIRPORT INCIDENT – Some netizens couldn’t help but recall the brawl between Mon Tulfo against Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago following the journalist’s criticism of Vice President Sara Duterte. The Vice … Read more

VP Sara Duterte Tells Students To Go Beyond Facebook, TikTok

Sara Duterte

VP Sara Duterte to students: “There is something more than Tiktok and Facebook” VP SARA DUTERTE – Vice President Sara Duterte told students to go beyond social networking sites like Facebook and TikTok. The Vice President wanted students to discover writing their own opera, saying that there’s something more than Facebook and TikTok. Duterte, who … Read more