Mariel Padilla Sorry Over ‘IV Drip’ In Robin’s Senate Office

Mariel Padilla Issues Apology, Clarifies Its ‘Vitamin C Drip,’ Not Glutathione Drip

MARIEL PADILLA – In response to online backlash, Mariel Padilla apologized on Sunday to both the Senate and the public for receiving a Vitamin C drip in the Senate office.

Mariel Padilla faced widespread criticism after photos surfaced of her receiving an IV drip in her husband Senator Robin Padilla’s senate office. Many expressed dismay at the Senate’s esteemed setting seemingly being transformed into a beauty salon or skincare clinic due to the treatment.

During the session, Mariel shared a photo featuring the office’s official seal in the background. However, she immediately removed the pictures as they went viral online. Senator Robin Padilla apologized for any negative perceptions, stating, “Kung may nakita po silang masama sa larawan na ‘yan, paumanhin po.”

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

In an interview with Bandera, Mariel Padilla addressed the issue, echoing her husband’s apology. Despite being aware of the criticism, she turned the situation around by conducting a live selling session during the IV drip treatment as a response to the online backlash.

Senator Nancy Binay, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges, also commented on the IV drip issue, emphasizing the need for people to exercise caution and mindfulness in their actions.

Mariel Padilla

In response to social media criticism, Mariel Padilla issued an apology on Sunday to the Senate and the public for undergoing a Vitamin C drip in her husband’s office. In a statement shared by Padilla on Facebook, Rodriguez clarified that the drip she received was Vitamin C, not glutathione.

Here’s Mariel Padilla’s statement:

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

An FDA advisory on Saturday indicated that combining injectable glutathione with intravenous Vitamin C could pose a risk. The advisory highlighted that Vitamin C injections might lead to the formation of kidney stones, particularly in acidic urine conditions.

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