Mariel Padilla Criticized for Gluta-drip Session at Husband Senator Robin Padilla’s Office

Due to her gluta-drip session at her husband Senator Robin Padilla’s office, Mariel Padilla was criticized

MARIEL PADILLA – The wife of Senator Robin Padilla faced heavy criticism when she shared on social media her experience of receiving a regular gluta drip session at her husband’s office in the Senate on February 21, 2024.

This occurred during a significant event at the Senate, where many celebrities, including Mariel herself, were present for the passage of the Eddie Garcia Bill. While waiting for the Senate session to begin, Mariel underwent the said procedure in her husband’s office.

In her now-deleted Instagram post, Mariel seemed proud to document the gluta drip session, even posing for a photo with her husband Robin visible in the background. She captioned the post with phrases like “Drip anywhere is our motto! Hehehe,” and emphasized the benefits of gluta drips, citing reasons such as collagen production, skin whitening, energy boost, metabolism enhancement, and immunity improvement.

Despite her apparent enthusiasm, the post drew heavy criticism from netizens who accused her of flaunting her beauty regimen in an inappropriate setting and prioritizing personal grooming over more serious matters.

The backlash intensified when screenshots of Mariel’s post began circulating on social media platforms. Netizens expressed their disapproval, with some condemning her actions as lacking decency and others questioning her priorities. Comments such as “NAKAKAHIYA SA GLUTA DRIP MO” and “Gluta pa more mamsh! May pang gluta pero walang delicadeza!!” flooded the comment sections of Mariel’s posts as per

Despite the mounting criticism, Mariel Padilla, the wife of actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla has remained silent on the issue, choosing not to address the backlash directly. As a public figure, her actions have sparked debates about propriety, responsibility, and the appropriate use of social media platforms, highlighting the intersection of personal life, public image, and online scrutiny.

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