Rico Blanco Shares Moments From Romantic Date W/ Maris Racal

Rico Blanco Gives Glimpse Of His Date W/ Girlfriend Maris Racal

RICO BLANCO – Filipino singer-songwriter and actor Rico Blanco gave a sneak peek of his romantic date with his girlfriend Maris Racal.

Presently, Maris Racal is in a romantic relationship with OPM singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, and despite a noticeable age difference, their connection has stood the test of time. The couple officially revealed their relationship in May 2021.

In an interview, Maris shared her views on weddings, acknowledging that she is not yet prepared for such commitments, a sentiment that Rico comprehends.

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Recently, Maris Racal recounted their love story with Rico Blanco in Vicki Belo’s vlog. Following the recent Valentine’s Day, Dr. Vicki inquired about the beginning of Maris’s relationship with Rico. Playfully, she apologized to Rico, as it seemed to be the first time Maris openly shared this story.

According to her, they kept it private for two years before finally admitting they were happily in love, understanding, and harmonious, especially regarding music.

Photo Source: @ricoblanco100 IG

Rico Blanco and Maris Racal recently enjoyed a romantic date. Rico shared about their quality time on social media.

In the caption, Rico expressed his delight that they finally found some time for a date. According to him, both of them have been busy lately, but they are always thankful for all the blessings they have been receiving.

Rico posted several photos providing glimpses of their quality time together. The celebrity couple’s date took place in a beautiful restaurant, as seen in the post. Along with the snaps, Rico expressed, “Finally nakapag date din.”

He added, “Both been so busy lately but always thankful for all the blessings”

Photo Source: @ricoblanco100 IG

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