Mariel Padilla Speaks on Her Gluta-Drip Session Issue

Here’s the Reaction of Mariel Padilla to Her Gluta-Drip Session Issue

MARIEL PADILLA – The wife of Senator Robin Padilla has spoken after facing criticism for her gluta-drip session.

Mariel was heavily criticized by netizens for her gluta-drip session. They questioned why she chose to have the procedure done at the Senate when there are plenty of other places for it.

On TikTok last Friday night, February 23, 2024, Mariel had a live-selling session with her friend Grace Lee. This was also broadcasted on her other social media accounts. She had a big sale because she was trending. Before they started selling, she first recounted her viral gluta-drip session.

Mariel explained that her presence at the Senate was due to her support for the Eddie Garcia Bill, attending both the second and third readings. She expressed pride in her husband’s efforts regarding the bill and highlighted the significance of the unanimous decision among the senators. She mentioned that her Senate visit concluded late, around past 8 o’clock.

Mariel Padilla defended her practice of receiving IV drip vitamin treatments as part of her beauty routine, emphasizing its health benefits and the professionalism of the service providers. “Bakit ko yan ginagawa? It is for health reasons. Kailangan po naglalagay tayo ng bitamina sa ating katawan. At yung bitamina na yan, I don’t get sick, alam mo yun ang lakas-lakas ng resistensiya ko, ang galing-galing,” she said.

She expressed confusion over the criticism she received, asserting that she saw nothing wrong with her actions, as she was simply taking vitamins for health reasons. “Na to tell you the truth, hindi ko po nakikita na kahit kaunti may mali dun sa ginawa ko, masama yung ginawa ko. Dahil one, bitamina yung nilalagay ko sa katawan ko, for health reasons yun. Hindi naman po ako nagda-drugs, na naghi-heroin ako dun. Buti kung naghi-heroin ako dun, di ba? Hindi naman po,” she said.

Despite this, she removed her social media post out of respect for those offended and apologized if her actions had caused offense. She clarified that she was waiting for her husband at the Senate and didn’t disrupt any official proceedings.

Meanwhile, her husband, Robin Padilla has issued a statement to defend his wife against criticism.

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