Robin Padilla Defends Wife Mariel After She Was Criticized for Gluta-drip Session in Senate Office

Robin Padilla Comes to the Defense of Wife Mariel Over Gluta-drip Session Issue

ROBIN PADILLA – The senator defended his wife Mariel after she was heavily criticized for having a gluta-drip session in his office at the Senate.

Mariel faced significant criticism after sharing a post on social media detailing her gluta drip session at her husband’s office within the Senate premises. The timing of her post coincided with a crucial event at the Senate, attended by numerous celebrities, including Mariel herself, for the passage of the Eddie Garcia Bill. While waiting for the Senate session to commence, Mariel opted to undergo the gluta drip procedure in her husband’s office.

In her Instagram post, which has since been deleted, Mariel appeared proud to showcase her gluta drip experience, even posing for a photo with her husband visible in the background. She captioned the post with light-hearted phrases such as “Drip anywhere is our motto! Hehehe,” and highlighted the purported benefits of gluta drips, including collagen production, skin whitening, energy boost, metabolism enhancement, and immunity improvement.

However, Mariel’s post sparked heavy criticism from netizens who deemed her actions inappropriate, accusing her of flaunting her beauty regimen in a setting where more serious matters were being addressed. The backlash intensified as screenshots of her post circulated on various social media platforms. Netizens expressed disapproval, with some criticizing her for lacking decency and others questioning her priorities.

Amid the backlash that his wife is receiving, he issued a statement via Sherrie Ann Torres to defend his wife. He stated that there was no intention of disrespect and emphasized that his wife is simply promoting good looks and good health. He finds it amusing that this has become a political issue and expresses amusement at the situation. He apologizes if anyone sees something negative in the image but reiterates that there was no disrespect intended, emphasizing his wife’s focus on promoting good looks and health. Overall, he seems to find the criticism amusing and defends his wife’s actions as innocent.

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