VIDEO: Diego Loyzaga Reveals Struggles Inside Rehabilitation Center

Diego Loyzaga Reveals Challenges Faced During Rehab

DIEGO LOYZAGA – Hunk actor Diego Loyzaga disclosed the challenges he faced during his time in the rehabilitation center.

Diego Loyzaga, born on May 21, 1995, in San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor and model, and the offspring of actors Cesar Montano and Teresa Loyzaga. He made his mark in the entertainment industry, gaining acclaim for his acting skills.

He has appeared in various Philippine television programs and movies, notably starring in teleseryes like “Growing Up,” “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” and “Los Bastardos.”

Diego Loyzaga
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Diego openly discussed his eight-month stay in a rehabilitation center due to substance abuse during his appearance on Fast Talk with Boy Abunda on Friday afternoon, February 23, 2024.

His advocacy for mental health stems from his desire to help others who are undergoing similar struggles, leading the 28-year-old actor to share his past experiences with the public willingly.

“I was very, very depressed. I was on the brink of suicidal… And I will not deny that substances had a part to play with my mental state,” Diego’s opening statement.

“They don’t help, e. If you’re already a person with a problem, meron kang pinagdadaanan, and there’s other substances, other factors that are pulling you down, it’s a hard pit to crawl out of.

“So nag-rehab ako. I got out.

“For a time, I could counsel people.

“But in saying this, hindi ko sinasabi na I’m sober because once you have a sip of alcohol, it’s counted as relapse.

“But every single day, I still talk to my counselors. Every single day, I’m still in touch with my kuyas.

“We call them kuyas and ates from my rehabilitation, and they still monitor me all the time. I’m still very open with them.”

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Diego has experienced numerous positive transformations in both his life and character, which he openly shared during a national television appearance.

“Hindi ako iyakin na tao, pero ngayon, kung babalikan ko yung isang araw ko sa loob ng rehab, maiiyak talaga ako.

“It’s so difficult. I go back to that pain, whatever it is. Yung lungkot.

“It was eight months until I saw the moon. It was eight months until I got to see the sun.

Diego continued: “No, I’m not shunning my rehabilitation, I owe them my life, pero you’re kinda trapped inside.

“Hindi ka makalalabas until you got to meet your family again and that was the saddest thing.

“They’ll make you realize kasi … there’s a purpose.

“They’ll take everything away from you so you’ll appreciate all the things that are given back when you get to go out, and that broke me.”

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Despite the challenges, Diego acknowledges that the difficulties have contributed to his personal growth and improvement.

“And when I explained it to my dad, yung mga ginawa ko sa loob, yung mga ipinapagawa sa akin, I learned from each and every single thing that we had to do inside.

“It changed me as a person. It changed me as an actor. And yes, it made me deeper as a person probably.

“Pero again, I am not saying I’m perfect.”

Watch the video below:

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