Xian Gaza Defends Diego Loyzaga Against Alexis Suapengco: “Huwag mo siyang gawan ng kwento”

Xian Gaza and Diego Loyzaga

Diego Loyzaga Defended by Xian Gaza Against Alexis Suapengco XIAN GAZA – The social media personality has come to the defense of actor Diego Loyzaga amidst the issue of allegedly kicking out his partner and baby from their home. The Instagram stories from Diego’s supposed partner, Alexis Suapengco, became the talk of the town after … Read more

Rendon Labador Takes a Jab at Diego Loyzaga: “Tigas ng muka mo bro”

Rendon Labador and Diego Loyzaga

Here’s Rendon Labador’s comment on Diego Loyzaga RENDON LABADOR – The social media personality has thrown shade at actor Diego Loyzaga regarding accusations made by his alleged partner. Instagram stories from someone named “Alexis Suapengco” became the talk of the town after revealing what Diego allegedly did to her. In her post, she claimed that … Read more

DIEGO LOYZAGA ISSUE – Mother of the Actor’s Child Accuses Him of Kicking Her Out and Their Baby

Diego Loyzaga

The mother of Diego Loyzaga has resurfaced DIEGO LOYZAGA ISSUE – The mother of the actor’s child took to social media, accusing him of kicking her out along with their baby. Alexis Suapengco, the mother of Diego’s baby Hailey, who is a yoga teacher and model, has finally surfaced. On her Instagram Stories, she claimed … Read more

Xian Gaza Shares Opinion About Marriage

Xian Gaza

Here’s the opinion of Xian Gaza about marriage XIAN GAZA – The social media personality took to Facebook wherein he shared his opinion about marriage. Recently, Diego Loyzaga shared his views on marriage during an interview with Toni Gonzaga on her YouTube channel. When discussing the topic, Diego conveyed his skepticism about the concept, viewing … Read more

Diego Loyzaga Says Daughter Was “Hundred Percent Planned”

Diego Loyzaga

Diego Loyzaga: “She was a hundred percent planned.” DIEGO LOYZAGA – The actor recently revealed that his daughter was “hundred percent planned”. The actor appeared in the latest episode of “Toni Talks”, which was uploaded on Toni Gonzaga’s YouTube channel. Diego opened up about fatherhood for the first time and he also narrated how his … Read more