Nancy Binay Reacts To Mariel Padilla Gluta Drip Issue

Here’s Nancy Binay Reaction To Mariel Padilla Gluta Drip Issue

NANCY BINAY – Senator Nancy Binay gave her reaction to Mariel Padilla’s glutathione drip issue. The politician said the host’s IV drip involves the Senate’s integrity and safety concerns.

The former “Pinoy Brother” host Mariel Padilla is currently making headlines after her photo while getting a glutathione drip went viral. Many netizens disapproved of the actions of Senator Robin Padilla’s wife, especially as she proudly showcased the glutathione session while in the senator’s office.

“Drip anywhere is our motto! Hehehe i had an appointment… but i was going to be late so i had it done in my husband’s office hehe,” Mariel shared.

Photo Source: Manila Bulletin

Mariel Padilla added that she doesn’t hesitate to undergo glutathione drips due to its alleged benefits to the body.

“[I]t really helps in soooo many ways A collagen production, whitening, energy, metabolism, immunity and 50000 much more!!! So convenient and really effective H magaling talaga!!!!” Mariel added.

However, netizens did not overlook her behavior of getting a glutathione drip in the Senate and posting about it on social media.

Senator Nancy Binay commented on Friday that Mariel Padilla’s utilization of her husband’s office for a glutathione drip session raises concerns about the Senate’s reputation, as well as issues related to health and safety.

Binay stated that the Senate’s ethics committee might not have direct jurisdiction over the incident since Mariel Padilla is not a Senate member. However, she emphasized that they will still “closely look into it.”

“I’m not sure if the ethics committee can extend its jurisdiction dito sa nangyaring insidente since hindi naman member ng Senado si Ms. Mariel. But we also need to closely look into it because it involves issues of conduct, integrity, and reputation of the Institution, and matters that concern health and safety,” Binay said.

Additionally, Binay expressed concern regarding the procedure itself, pointing out that the Department of Health (DOH) has flagged the intravenous (IV) procedure. Health Secretary Ted Herbosa has warned that improper use of the procedure may lead to damage to internal organs. The glutathione drip is used by individuals seeking a lighter skin complexion, along with purported therapeutic benefits.

“[A]nd to make it more complicated, ‘yung gluta drip ay ni-declare na mismo ng DOH na unsafe, banned ng FDA […],” she added.

The senator emphasized that public figures need to exercise caution when endorsing products, particularly those that may pose harm.

“As public figures, sana aware din tayo sa responsabilidad natin sa publiko. We might be promoting something na ipinagbabawal at iligal, at akala ng mga tao eh okay lang. Isipin din natin may kasamang kapanagutan ang pagiging artista, lalo na kung senador ang asawa mo,” Binay concluded.

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