Dennis Padilla Proudly Shares Julia Barretto Greeted Him On His 62nd Birthday

Dennis Padilla Reveals He Received A Message From Julia Barretto

DENNIS PADILLA – Comedian Dennis Padilla proudly revealed he received a message from his daughter Julia Barretto.

The relationship between Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla came to an end in 2007, leading to a strained connection with their children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. Over the years, the noticeable and widely known estrangement between them continues.

In an interview, Julia expressed hesitance towards reconciling with her father after enduring years of a challenging and inconsistent relationship. The repeated emotional pain they inflicted upon each other had taken its toll on her, prompting her decision to take a step back.

Dennis Padilla
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On February 9, 2024, Dennis Padilla celebrated his 62nd birthday, and it turned out to be one of his happiest as he received greetings from his daughter, Julia. Dennis, who supported the third reading of Senate Bill 2505 (the Eddie Garcia Bill) on February 19, 2024, was part of a group that decided to have a meal at a restaurant after the Senate session.

Senator Robinhood Padilla, one of the authors mentioned in the proposal, joined them.

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Based on a report from PEP, during the dinner, Dennis shared the heartwarming story of receiving a text message from Julia, during his birthday celebration. Senator Robin captured a video of Dennis being extremely delighted by this communication, offering a positive indication that their father-daughter relationship might be moving toward reconciliation.

“Julia, thank you at nag-text ka sa akin nung birthday ko,” expressed Dennis, following it with an invitation, ‘Yung movie ni Julia, palabas pa. Panoorin ninyo, kasama si Aga Muhlach, Ikaw Pa rin ang Pipiliin Ko.”

The good news Dennis shared brought joy to his loved ones, although it didn’t receive much attention due to a viral post from Robin’s wife, Mariel Padilla.

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