Julia Barretto Finally Released From Hospital After 2 Days Confinement

Julia Barretto 2

Julia Barretto Discharged From Hospital After Two-day Stay JULIA BARRETTO – Actress and vlogger Julia Barretto was finally released from the hospital after 2 days of confinement. Julia Barretto, born Julia Francesca Barretto Baldivia on March 10, 1997, is a prominent Filipino actress and model. She hails from a well-known showbiz family in the Philippines. … Read more

Dennis Padilla’s Ex-Partner Clarifies Actor’s Financial Support for Their Children, Details Separation

Dennis Padilla

Linda Marie Gorton Clarifies Issues Regarding Dennis Padilla’s Interview LINDA MARIE GORTON – The ex-partner of Dennis Padilla took to the social media platform Instagram to address some issues raised in Dennis’ online interview with Aster Amoyo, particularly regarding the financial support he provides for their children and their separation. Linda Marie Gorton expressed frustration … Read more

VIDEO: Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia Reunion Goes Viral

Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia 6

Reunion Between Julia Barretto & Joshua Garcia Made Rounds On The Internet JULIA BARRETTO – Actors Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia proved you can stay friends with your ex. Their reunion video went viral on social media. Julia Barretto, a prominent Filipina actress, influencer, and content, has made a name for herself with her diverse … Read more

Dennis Padilla Admits Separation from Filipino-Australian Live-in Partner Linda Gorton

Dennis Padilla

Dennis Padilla reveals that he and his live-in partner are now separated DENNIS PADILLA – The actor-comedian admitted that his relationship with his Filipino-Australian live-in partner, Linda Gorton, ended in separation. In a press interview for the movie “Magic Hurts” on February 24, 2024, Dennis shared that they decided to end their relationship after being … Read more

Dennis Padilla Proudly Shares Julia Barretto Greeted Him On His 62nd Birthday

Dennis Padilla, Julia Barretto 1

Dennis Padilla Reveals He Received A Message From Julia Barretto DENNIS PADILLA – Comedian Dennis Padilla proudly revealed he received a message from his daughter Julia Barretto. The relationship between Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla came to an end in 2007, leading to a strained connection with their children Julia, Claudia, and Leon. Over the … Read more

Is Marjorie Barretto Brainwashing Her Children?”

Marjorie Barretto and her children MARJORIE BARRETTO – The former partner of Kier Legaspi and Dennis Padilla is allegedly brainwashing their children. In the latest episode of Showbiz Updates, Ogie Diaz and his co-hosts Mama Loi and Dyosa Pockoh discussed the current situation between Marjorie’s children with Kier and Dennis. “Di kaya na-brain wash na … Read more

Claudine Barretto Turns Emotional During Reunion with her “Kuya” Dennis Padilla

Claudine Barretto and Dennis Padilla

Emotional reunion of Claudine Barretto and Dennis Padilla CLAUDINE BARRETTO – The actress couldn’t help but turn emotional during her meeting with her “kuya” Dennis Padilla. Claudine Barretto is an actress who gained recognition in the industry and earned the nickname “The Optimum Star”. Starting with her television debut in Ang TV, she made her mark … Read more

Dennis Padilla Speaks About Experience Over P38K Seafood: “Nakipagtalo ako, ayaw i-itemize”

Dennis Padilla

Dennis Padilla shared in details his recent experience at a seafood resto DENNIS PADILLA – The actor shared some information about his recent experience at a seafood restaurant in Seaside in Pasay City. It was just recently when the actor-comedian complained about their experience at Aling Mahrya, a seafood restaurant. In an Instagram post, he … Read more

Rendon Labador Reacts to Dennis Padilla’s Rant vs Seafood Resto: “CUSTOMER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT!”

Rendon Labador and Dennis Padilla

Here’s the reaction of Rendon Labador on the viral rant of Dennis Padilla against a seafood restaurant RENDON LABADOR – The so-called motivational speaker reacted to the viral rant of actor Dennis Padilla against a seafood restaurant. It was just recently when Dennis took to social media to complain about a seafood restaurant in Seaside … Read more