Sara Duterte Issues Official Statement on Brother Baste’s Call for PBBM to Resign

Official Statement by Sara Duterte on Baste’s Remarks about PBBM

SARA DUTERTE – The Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines has issued an official statement regarding the remarks made by her brother, Davao City Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, against President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Mayor Duterte suggested on Sunday that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. should “resign” if he lacks love and aspirations for the nation. This remark was made during a gathering of thousands of supporters of former President Rodrigo Duterte and their leaders, who identify themselves as Maisug (brave).

Mayor Duterte expressed his opinion as his father’s supporters assembled to express their opposition to Charter change, serving as a visible demonstration of strength against the Bagong Pilipinas kick-off rally in Manila.

The Granada ballroom of the Grand Menseng Hotel transformed into a political rally, with speakers taking turns to critique the policies of the current administration and draw comparisons with those of the previous administration.

Earlier today, the vice president issued an official statement regarding her brother’s remarks against the president. According to her, it can be presumed that her brother is coming from a place of brotherly love, coupled with the common sentiment that she does not deserve the “despicable treatment” that she has been receiving from some sectors within the circle of the President.

Nevertheless, she believes that the people’s vote is a bestowment of trust for her to work and serve exclusively for Filipinos. According to her, along with this trust comes the belief that she can withstand any attack, black propaganda, defamation, and other challenges thrown at her.

She stressed that although it won’t be easy, she continues to draw strength and inspiration from the trust given to her by fellow countrymen. She takes heart from the confidence of the people in her ability to work and thrive even in chaos.

Despite everything, she will never be disheartened. She will remain dedicated to her work at the Department of Education unless the President decides otherwise. In the last part of her post, she noted that she will prioritize the Philippines.

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