Rowena Guanzon Questions Duterte for Supporting PBBM Despite Claiming He’s a “Drug Addict”

Rowena Guanzon Reacts to Furious Tirade of Duterte Against PBBM

ROWENA GUANZON – The former Comelec commissioner questioned former President Rodrigo Duterte for supporting President Bongbong Marcos despite claiming he is a drug addict.

At a protest rally organized by supporters of former President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City on January 28, Duterte used strong language to criticize President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., repeatedly referring to him as a “drug addict.” The rally, intended as a display of opposition to the Marcos administration’s push for charter change through a people’s initiative, witnessed Duterte’s offensive remarks against Marcos.

Duterte asserted that Marcos was consistently under the influence of drugs, describing him as “bangag.” He addressed the crowd, stating, “Bongbong, bangag ‘yan. That’s why sinasabi ko sa inyo. Si Bongbong Marcos bangag noon. Ngayong presidente na, bangag ang ating presidente. Kayong mga military alam ninyo ‘yan, lalo na ‘yong mga nasa Malacañang, alam ninyo. The Armed Forces of the Philippines, alam ninyo. May drug addict tayo na presidente! P*tang inang ‘yan!”

Duterte further claimed that he had seen Marcos’ name on the list of drug personalities compiled by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) during his time as mayor. However, PDEA, in a statement through the Philippine Information Agency, explicitly denied that the President “is not and was never” included in their watch list. The agency, established in 2002, clarified that Marcos “was never in our NIDS” or the National Drug Information System.

Rowena Guanzon, a former Comelec commissioner, took to the microblogging site X, formerly known as Twitter, wherein she questioned Duterte for supporting President Bongbong Marcos despite claiming he is a drug addict.

PBBM bypassed appointees
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“Duterte: BBM is a drug addict. Alam mo pala sir, kasi obvious naman, why did you support him?” she wrote. In her post, an art card reads: “You resign or we play your polvoron? The choice is yours.”

As of press time, Marcos himself has not issued a response to the furious remarks of Rodrigo Duterte, the father of Vice President Sarah Duterte.

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