Duterte Slams Bongbong Marcos: “P*tang in* ka, hindi ka nakatapos”

Duterte vs Marcos

Ex-President Duterte slams President Bongbong Marcos over WPS “gentleman’s agreement” RODRIGO DUTERTE – The former president criticized President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., alleging that he did not finish college. In a press conference on April 11, Duterte said that President Marcos should have contacted him regarding the alleged “gentleman’s agreement” in the West Philippine Sea. It … Read more

Duterte Says Quiboloy Remains Within Sect’s Davao Territory

Rodrigo Duterte, Apollo Quiboloy

Duterte Affirms Quiboloy’s Presence within Sect’s Davao Domain DUTERTE – Former President Rodrigo Duterte said that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is still within the confines of the KOJC’s territory in Davao. Former President Rodrigo Duterte, acting in his capacity as a lawyer, indicated that he would advise his close associate and spiritual guide Apollo Quiboloy to … Read more

Trillanes Slams Duterte Over Alleged ‘Secret Deal’ with China

Trillanes and Duterte

Trillanes on Duterte: “Mambubudol talaga tong taong to” TRILLANES VS DUTERTE – Antonio Trillanes IV called out former President Rodrigo Duterte for an alleged ‘secret deal’ with China regarding the West Philippine Sea issue. Trillanes claimed that Duterte admitted to the deal, accusing him of deceitfully blaming him and former President PNoy for selling Scarborough … Read more

Sara Duterte Reaction On Senate Probe VS Pastor Quiboloy

Sara Duterte, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Here’s VP Sara Duterte’s Reaction On Senate Probe VS Pastor Quiboloy SARA DUTERTE – Vice President Sara Duterte reacted to the Senate investigation against Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Apollo Carreon Quiboloy. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is presently under Senate investigation for accusations of mistreatment towards women and children. Additionally, he is confronting multiple legal charges … Read more

Duterte Appointed as Property Administrator of Quiboloy’s KOJC

Duterte and Quiboloy

Quiboloy’s KOJC Appoints Duterte as Property Administrator DUTERTE X QUIBOLOY – Former President Duterte has been appointed as the property administrator of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC). This was announced by the media arm of KOJC, Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI), last Friday, March 8. As of writing, there are no further … Read more

Duterte Dares PBBM to Undergo Drug Test

Duterte and PBBM

PBBM should undergo a drug test according to Duterte DRUG TEST – Former President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to take a public drug test in Luneta Park to prove he’s not using drugs. Duterte suggested both of them get their blood tested by an independent entity or doctor. He also … Read more

Rowena Guanzon Questions Duterte for Supporting PBBM Despite Claiming He’s a “Drug Addict”

Rowena Guanzon

Rowena Guanzon Reacts to Furious Tirade of Duterte Against PBBM ROWENA GUANZON – The former Comelec commissioner questioned former President Rodrigo Duterte for supporting President Bongbong Marcos despite claiming he is a drug addict. At a protest rally organized by supporters of former President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City on January 28, Duterte used strong … Read more

Duterte’s Sister Passes Away


Sister of former President Duterte dies JOCELYN DUTERTE-VILLARICA – The sister of former President Rodrigo Duterte, has sadly passed away. Mrs. Duterte-Villarica’s demise took place on Friday, September 29, 2023, as announced by Senator Bong Go in a Facebook post on the following Saturday. “Personal na nagtungo si Senator Bong Go kasama si Tatay Digong … Read more