Chinabank Salary Loan Requirements for Application 2024

Guide on Chinabank Salary Loan Requirements You Must Submit to Apply

CHINABANK SALARY LOAN REQUIREMENTS 2024 – Here the qualifications and the documentary requirements set by Chinabank.

One of the popular and trusted banks in the Philippines is Chinabank or the China Banking Corporation. It is a privately-owned commercial bank that started operating in the country in 1920. Through decades, its banking offers has captured the trust of countless individuals in the country.

Chinabank Salary Loan Requirements
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The Chinabank has savings accounts, credit cards, loans, and investment products. One of the loans provided by the bank is the Salary Loan, a multi-purpose cash loan offer extended to employees of the accredited companies. It boasts its offer with an “easy and accessible application”.

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The bank has not mentioned the loanable amounts but its offer feature the ability to meet multiple purposes. Who are qualified to apply for the loan offer? Here are the Chinabank Salary Loan requirements in terms of the eligibility for application to the loan offer:

  • a regular employee
  • at least 21 years old but not more than 65 years old
  • a gross monthly salary of Php 15,000
  • minimum work tenure of 2 years
  • has no pending case/s or is not subject to any internal investigation or complaint
  • has no adverse credit findings

Aside from the aforementioned qualifications, there are documents that aspiring loan applicants must submit in applying for the offer. Here are the Chinabank Salary Loan requirements that you must prepare and submit to the bank to apply for the loan offer:

  • duly-accomplished SalaryPlus application form
  • latest 3-month payslips
  • company ID
  • valid Government Issued ID
  • Certificate of Employment

If you are a business owner and you wish to accredit your business or company to Chinabank to widen the resources of your employees, there requirements set by the bank for accreditation. Here are the eligibility requirements that the business/company must meet:

  • an existing China Bank corporate client coursing its payroll through China Bank
  • has a minimum of 50 regular employees
  • operating for at least 5 years
  • profitable for at least 3 years
  • registered before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

There are also post-accreditation requirements. Here are the documents required by Chinabank:

  • Memorandum of Agreement
  • Secretary Certificate or Board Resolution nominating the Authorized Signatories of the Company

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