Lolit Solis Warns Kyline Alcantara for Dragging Paolo Contis into her Breakup with Mavy Legaspi

Here’s Lolit Solis’ warning to Kyline Alcantara after she dragged Paolo Contis into her breakup with Mavy Legaspi

LOLIT SOLIS – The talent manager warned actress Kyline Alcantara for dragging Paolo Contis into her breakup with Mavy Legaspi.

Solis took to Instagram to express her concern. She mentioned that her head heated up upon hearing gossip about Paolo Contis being implicated in Mavy and Kyline’s breakup. According to the rumor, Kyline broke up with Mavy due to Paolo’s alleged negative influence.

Lolit emphasized that she has zero respect for individuals who speak ill of their ex-partners after a breakup. She stated that when couples part ways, there should be no animosity, and they should accept it and move forward.

In the same post, Lolit revealed her shock at the mention of certain names in Kyline and Mavy’s breakup. While she expressed a desire not to engage in a conflict with Kyline, she warned that if the rumors were true, Kyline would face consequences.

Lolit clarified that if her talent was at fault, she would accept and correct them. However, if Kyline baselessly criticizes them, she should be cautious because Lolit won’t back down.

“So be careful Kyline Alcantara, huwag mo idamay si Paolo Contis sa mga hanash mo kay Mavy Legazpi. Kung may problema kayo, i settle nyong dalawa at huwag magdamay ng ibang tao. Or else, I will do my part as Paolo Contis manager/ nanay para ipagtanggol siya sa mga maling bintang sa kanya. Maging fair tayo sa mga bagay na dapat mangyari,” she noted.

To recall, in 2021, Mavy and Kyline confirmed their relationship. However, before the end of 2023, reports surfaced about issues between the couple, escalating due to social media exchanges involving Kyline and Mavy’s mom, Carmina Villarroel.

At one point, she noted: “Dear Mavy and Cassy, people can destroy your image, damage your personality, create rumors about you, but they can never take away your good deeds. Because no matter how they describe you, you will always be admired by those who know you best.” Another meaningful message surfaced on November 26, with Carmina stating, “Mom knows best.”

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