President Bongbong Marcos Says Former President Rodrigo Duterte Has Been Taking Fentanyl “For A Very Long Time Now”

President Bongbong Marcos: “I think it’s the fentanyl”

PRESIDENT BONGBONG MARCOS – The President said that former President Rodrigo Duterte has been taking fentanyl “for a very long time now”.

The President said this when he was asked in an ambush interview with reporters on Monday what he can say about former President Rodrigo Duterte’s speech during the prayer rally against the people’s initiative to amend the Constitution on Sunday, January 28, 2024.

In an interview with reporters in Pasay before he left for Vietnam, Marcos Jr. said that Duterte has been taking fentanyl “for a very long time now” and it was bound to have some sort of effect on him. The President added that he hopes Duterte’s doctors take better care of him and the problem should not be ignored.

President Bongbong Marcos

According to Marcos Jr., fentanyl is the “strongest painkiller that you can buy” as it’s “highly addictive” and it has “very serious” side effects.

“I think it’s the fentanyl,” the President said in an interview with reporters. “PRRD has been taking the drug for a very long time now… I hope his doctors take better care of him, hindi pinapabayaan itong mga nagiging problema.”

But when the President was asked if he categorically deny that he’s involved in illegal drugs, Marcos Jr. laughed and said that he “won’t even dignify the question”.

It can be recalled that Duterte said in his speech on Sunday that he warned Marcos Jr. against following the footsteps of his father, late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

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Duterte also accused Marcos Jr. of being a “drug addict” and even claimed that Marcos Jr.’s name was included in the drug watch list of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) during his term.

But PDEA issued a statement on Monday saying that Marcos Jr. was never on its drug watch list. According to PDEA, Marcos Jr.’s name was not on the “narco list” the Duterte administration came out with during the ex-President’s term.

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