Teacher Got Surprised After Reading Student’s Research Paper

Teacher Expresses Joy as he Read His Student’s Research Paper

A male teacher got surprised and expresses his joy after reading the introduction of a research paper of his student.

In a recent post, teacher Gerald Desacula expressed his enthusiasm and joy for serving as a grammarian and panelist during a research defense session for his students. The post showcased what appeared to be the lyrics of a song as an introduction to a research paper.

Gerald sat as a grammarian/panelist for the research defense of the students. He was delighted by the topics they chose. However, as he started reading the first few pages of their paper, it hit him with a dose of reality.


He thought that students would be finding a relationship between two variables, but it turned out they discovered a broken relationship.

“Umupo po ako as grammarian/panelist for research defense ng mga bata. Nakakatuwa ang topic ng mga bata, then sa unang buklat palang ng paper, nanakit na ng katotohanan. Kala ko finding relationship of 2 variables ang hahanapin, breaking relationship pala ang nahanap,” Desacula said.

The presentation became light-hearted, filled with laughter and casual conversations. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and friendly.

While guiding the students through the proper processes of research and inquiry, the panelists also aimed to create a comfortable environment. Ultimately, their goal was to witness the success of the students.

“Nagkalokohan sa presentation, kaunting kwentuhan and super light and friendly lang ng mood sa room. Of course, tinuturuan namin ang bata sa mga tamang processess of research and inquiries. Naging magaan lang talaga ang mood to help them feel comfy. After all, it’s their success that we want naman,” he added.

Gerald’s passion for research and his commitment to nurturing young minds shone through his post. As a panelist, he not only assessed the students’ work but also played a crucial role in providing guidance and support throughout the research process.

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