Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out “Hindi ako masamang tao”

College Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out

A male student who visited another class went hysterical after the teacher asked him to go out of classroom.

The relationship between students and teachers forms the foundation of a healthy and productive learning environment. However, instances of student disrespect towards teachers have become a matter of concern in educational settings.

Several factors contribute to student disrespect towards teachers. These may include lack of discipline and classroom management, negative influences, lack of engagement and motivation.


The impact of student disrespect on both teachers and the learning environment should not be underestimated.

Recently, the Facebook page “Taong Putik” shared video footage of a college student who became hysterical after a female teacher asked him to leave the classroom. The video elicited various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the college student can be seen seated in another classroom. The teacher kindly asked him to exit the room as she was about to begin her class. The educator noticed that the young man appeared to be intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol.

The male student went as far as to verbally insult the female professor, referring to her as “Tarantado” (a derogatory term in Filipino). The two engaged in a heated argument, and during the altercation, the intoxicated student even attempted to assault the teacher.

In response, the teacher instructed her class to contact the security guard to apprehend the agitated individual. As the guards approached and apprehended him, the young man’s behavior escalated into a state of hysteria.

The internet users expressed their reactions to the post:


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