Teacher Shares Inspiring Journey: “From Construction to the Classroom”


Former Construction Worker Becomes Teacher Teacher Alex Layda, known as “Teacher Dawn” shared his inspiring journey from being a construction worker into an educator. The male educator shared his journey, admitting that becoming a teacher wasn’t initially in his dreams. If he had her way, he would have pursued a career in the creative industry. … Read more

Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out “Hindi ako masamang tao”


College Student Went Hysterical After Teacher Asked Him to Go Out A male student who visited another class went hysterical after the teacher asked him to go out of classroom. The relationship between students and teachers forms the foundation of a healthy and productive learning environment. However, instances of student disrespect towards teachers have become … Read more

Classroom with a Palace-inspired Design in Masbate

palace classroom

Palace-inspired classroom CLASSROOM TO PALACE – A Masbate City teacher designed her classroom in the style of a palace to encourage her nursery students to attend school. Classroom makeover is not a new thing. In this manner, students are encouraged to go to their school while being in a seemingly different environment that still encompasses … Read more

Lady Student Showcases Singing Skills Inside Classroom

Lady Student

Lady Student Flexes Singing Skills Inside Classroom During Her Birthday A lady student goes viral online and earns praises online after flexing her singing skills during her birthday inside the classroom. A Facebook user Nicole Casa has shared the video footage of herself show casing her talent in front of her classmates during her birthday. … Read more

Amazing Classroom Transformation in Batangas City Earns Praises Online

Amazing Classroom Transformation

Netizens Praised Amazing Classroom Transformation in Batangas City ROOM TRANSFORMATION – A public school teacher goes viral after flexing the amazing classroom transformation in Batangas City. Over the past few weeks, students, parents, and teachers have been very busy with the resumption of face-to-face classes. The regular classes resumed, which brings both joy and disappointment … Read more

Student Goes Viral After Doing Korean Version Of Proper Dismissal


Maritime student goes viral after doing the Korean version of proper dismissal inside their classroom. A certain video caught the attention of the netizens when a student from the maritime school initiated the Korean version of proper dismissal. This, as Joshua Ryan Mediodia Doronila, who was the uploader of the viral video, shared a clip … Read more