Teacher Shares Inspiring Journey: “From Construction to the Classroom”

Former Construction Worker Becomes Teacher

Teacher Alex Layda, known as “Teacher Dawn” shared his inspiring journey from being a construction worker into an educator.

The male educator shared his journey, admitting that becoming a teacher wasn’t initially in his dreams. If he had her way, he would have pursued a career in the creative industry. He began working as a ‘boy’ for a family who took him when he was a child.

Layda became a helper performing household chores such as cleaning, babysitting, cooking, fetching water, and taking care of animals. He even worked as a construction worker when he reached high school.


Alex also worked as a waiter in a bar for two years after high school. However, he eventually stopped due to long hours and a meager nightly wage of P150. After quitting his job, he became part of the church, which brought him closer to people who changed his fate.

“‘Yong Parish Priest namin na si Fr. Jade, inalok ako na mag-aral ng Educ. Kaya ayun, hindi ako nagdalawang isip na sunggaban ang opportunity na ‘yon. Kasi, hindi lahat nabibigyan ng chance na mag-aral sa college nang libre. And I believe, that becoming a teacher was not something that I chose. It chose me and I fell in love with it over time.” Layda said.

Currently, Teacher Dawn has been an educator for almost a decade, starting his teaching career in 2013. It was also during that year that he obtained his teaching license. He revealed that she initially had no plans to venture into the social media landscape.

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@teacherdawn_lpt Why do we say that teaching is a lifelong learning? #LearnItOnTikTok #lifelonglearning #teacherdawn ♬ original sound – Teacher Dawn

The educator decided to create logos for his followers on TikTok as the pandemic arrived in 2020. In 2022, he stopped creating that type of content and shifted to creating educational videos.

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