Netizen Teaches “Masungit” Angel’s Burger Staff a Lesson by Ordering 100 Burgers

Netizen orders 100 burgers from Angel’s Burger to teach a “masungit” staff a lesson

ANGEL’S BURGER – A netizen teaches a lesson to the “masungit” staff of the famous burger chain by ordering 100 burgers.

Carl Quion shared the incident in a Facebook post, recounting his experience at Angel’s Burger, a popular chain known for its ‘Buy one, take one’ promotion. Quion had initially intended to buy ten burgers but noticed that the staff seemed more focused on other tasks rather than attending to customers.

Quion explained that he patiently waited for 30 minutes, hoping that the worker would stop using her phone and attend to his order. Frustrated, he asked her, “Te ok na?”. She responded, ” Ilan ba?! “. Quion replied, “Sampu”. To his surprise, she insisted, “Sampu lang?”. Quion, annoyed by her behavior, said, “Ge isang daan!!!”.

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Rather than accepting any new orders, the staff member proceeded to cook the 100 burgers solely for Quion. In an act of generosity, Quion then decided to distribute the surplus burgers to strangers free of charge.

While Quion clarified that he didn’t harbor any hatred towards Angel’s Burger, he advised the chain to teach their staff proper manners. He expressed his admiration for the brand and acknowledged the affordable meals they provide, expressing gratitude for their contribution to feeding many Filipinos. However, he highlighted the disappointing behavior of the particular staff member he encountered.

Addressing the criticisms he received, Quion defended his actions, stating that he had actually helped the vendor meet her quota. He emphasized that he did not waste any money as he gave away the extra burgers to people on the street.

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As of writing, Quion’s Facebook post has garnered 47,000 shares, indicating that his experience struck a chord with many social media users.

Here are some of the comments:

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