Male Netizen Goes Viral for Using Syringe to Marinate Chicken

Video of Male Netizen Using Syringe to Marinate Chicken Brings Good Vibes Online

A male netizen goes viral online and earns praises from the netizens for using syringe to marinate a whole chicken.

Marinating chicken is a popular technique to add flavor and tenderness to the meat. Traditional methods include soaking the chicken in a marinade mixture, but in recent years, a new method has emerged that involves using a syringe to inject the marinade directly into the meat.

Using a syringe to marinade chicken offers several advantages over traditional methods. Firstly, it allows for precise application of the marinade, ensuring that every part of the chicken is flavored evenly.

Male Netizen

Another advantage of using a syringe to marinade chicken is that it allows for deeper penetration of the marinade. This method has gained popularity among home cooks and chefs alike, and for good reason.

Recently, netizens are currently enjoying the video of TikTok user John Stephine, where it can be seen that he used a syringe to put marinade on the chicken they will cook. The video garnered reactions from the online community.

According to him, they will have the chicken as ‘pulutan’ for their simple drinking session.

Male Netizen

kargadong manok HAHAHAHA

♬ Elevate – Jeff Grecia

“Bali natripan lang po namin na gamitan ng syringe yung manok para daw mas manuot yung lasa sa loob ng manok hindi tulad ng nakababad lang,” John Stephine said.

It was his first time trying the method, and they were taken by surprise after tasting the chicken.

“Natutuwa po kasi unang beses namin ‘yun gawin dito. Madalas kasi babad lang hehehe. Malasa po siya,” he added.

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