Lady Customer Airs Distress “Mahal na talaga si inasal, 6.00 na ung chicken oil”

Lady Customer Airs Distress Towards Famous Fast-Food Chain for Removing Unlimited Chicken Oil

A lady customer vents out her frustration towards a popular fast-food chain for removing unlimited chicken oil.

Mang Inasal, one of the Philippines’ most popular fast-food chains, has recently announced that it will no longer be offering unlimited chicken oil with its meals. This decision has generated controversy among fans of the chain, many of whom have come to love the iconic condiment.

The decision to remove unlimited chicken oil from Mang Inasal’s menu was reportedly made in response to rising costs and supply chain challenges. According to the chain, the cost of producing chicken oil has risen in recent months, making it more difficult to offer the condiment at a reasonable price.

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Lady Customer

Many fans of Mang Inasal have expressed disappointment at the decision to remove unlimited chicken oil from the menu. For many, the condiment is an essential part of the Mang Inasal experience, and they worry that its removal will make the chain less appealing to customers.

Ronna Dela Cruz Tuzon, a Facebook user, recently shared a photo of grilled chicken and oil from the fast-food restaurant. The post quickly went online and elicited a variety of reactions from internet users.

According to Ronna, the restaurant only provided one packet of chicken oil each person. Customers must purchase additional sachets of chicken oil for P6 each.

Lady Customer

Here is the full post:

mahal na talaga ni inasal

6.00 na ung chicken oil

The online community expressed their reactions to the post:

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