Woman Spotted by Jose and Wally Misses 5K After Running Away

Woman spotted by Jose and Wally misses the chance to have P5K after she ran away

EAT BULAGA – A woman spotted by Jose and Wally during the Juan For All, All For One: Sugod Bulaga segment missed the chance to receive five thousand pesos after running away.

Eat Bulaga is a long-running Filipino television variety show that has been on the air since 1979. The show is known for its entertaining segments, which include singing and dancing contests, comedy skits, and game shows. It has also launched the careers of many famous Filipino personalities, including actors, comedians, and singers.

One of the show’s most popular segments is the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment, where the hosts travel to different barangays or neighborhoods to give out prizes and grants to the less fortunate. This segment has become a symbol of hope and generosity, and has earned Eat Bulaga a loyal following.

Eat Bulaga has been praised for its ability to bring Filipinos from all walks of life together through laughter and entertainment. The show has become a cultural institution in the Philippines, and is a testament to the power of television in shaping and reflecting the values of a nation.

In the Juan For All, All For One: Sugod Bulaga segment of the noontime variety show, Jose and Wally were roaming, somewhere outside the studio when they spotted a woman in pink. The two were giving P5K-P10K to anyone they wanted to talk to along the street.

Then, they saw a woman in pink. But when they tried to talk to the girl, she suddenly dashed away from them. Apparently, she did not only miss the chance to speak with Jose and Wally as well as Alden Richards, but also failed to receive the free five thousand pesos. Watch the video at mark 41:00:

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