Thief Steals a Chicken and Hides It in a Bag


A chicken is stolen by a thief THIEF – A man was caught on CCTV footage stealing a chicken in Barangay Talay, Dumaguete City. A thief is someone who illicitly takes possession of someone else’s property without their consent, often through stealth, deception, or force. They operate outside the bounds of legality, exploiting vulnerabilities in … Read more

Netizen Goes Viral After Sharing Video of Chicken Interrupting His Online Presentation


Netizen Shares Hilarious Moment as Chicken Interrupts His Online Presentation A netizen goes viral online after sharing the video footage of a chicken interrupting him while making an online presentation. Chickens have been farmed for thousands of years. They belong to the Galliformes bird family, which includes turkeys, quails, and pheasants. Domestic chickens come in … Read more

Agriculture Secretary Wants To Include Chicken In COVID-19 Aid


Agriculture Secretary wanted to include chicken in COVID-19 aid. Agriculture Secretary William Dar on Friday said that he was working with some agencies to include chicken in the government’s COVID-19 pandemic aid and reduce its oversupply. The chicken supply, according to him, swelled after “institutional buyers” — including restaurants and homegrown fast-food chain — cut … Read more

Disappointed Lady Gets Shocked After Her Sibling Cooked Jollibee Marinated Chicken as “Adobo”

Disappointed Lady

Disappointed Lady Expresses Dismay After Her Sibling Cooked Jollibee Marinated Chicken as “Adobo” A disappointed lady netizen gets shocked and expressed her disappointment after her sibling cooked the Jollibee marinated chicken as “Adobo” During the enhanced community quarantine period, the operations of many business establishments are suspended. Several fast-food chains were also affected by the … Read more