Dead Rat Found by Couple in the Soup They Ordered From a Korean Resto

Couple finds dead rat in the soup they ordered

NEW YORK – A Korean restaurant in the US is facing a lawsuit from a couple who discovered a dead rat in the soup they had ordered.

In recent years, there have been reports of dead animals being found in food, which has caused outrage and concern among consumers. From insects in packaged salads to rodents in bread, such incidents have raised serious questions about the safety and hygiene standards of the food industry.

Not only is it disturbing to find such unwanted and unappetizing items in our food, but it also poses a health risk to consumers. Dead animals in food can cause bacterial infections, diseases, and other health complications.

dead rat
Credit: Eunice Lucero Lee/Instagram

In response to these incidents, food safety authorities have been working to improve food safety regulations and inspection protocols. They have also encouraged consumers to be vigilant and report any such incidents to the relevant authorities.

Consumers can take certain steps to reduce the risk of encountering dead animals in their food. Firstly, they can carefully inspect their food before consuming it. Secondly, they can purchase food products from reputable sources and brands that have a good track record of maintaining high safety and hygiene standards.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been filed by Jason Lee and Eunice Lucero Lee against Gammeeok, a Korean restaurant located in Manhattan’s Koreatown, after they alleged that they found a dead rodent in their soup.

The couple claimed that they ordered food from Gammeeok on a Saturday afternoon, and upon receiving their order at home and starting to eat, they discovered the rat in their soup. The Lees stated that they became severely sick and vomited after finding the rodent in their food, and sought medical attention.

According to the Lees, the incident caused them severe, serious, and permanent personal injuries, as well as emotional distress. They also claimed that Gammeeok had received a C grade from the NYC Health Department in January, which they were not aware of when they placed their order.

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