African Swine Fever: Town In Davao Occidental Under State Of Calamity

Belen Geldore, the head of the Municipal Agriculture Office, confirmed on Monday that the town of Don Marcelino in Davao Occidental was situated under a state of calamity due to African swine fever.

This, after samples drawn from around 1,000 dead pigs were tested positive for African swine fever (ASF).

African Swine Fever
Photo from ABS-CBN News

According to Mayor Michael Maruya, the dead pigs that were tested positive came from these barangays in the town of Don Marcelino in Davao Occidental: Lindasan, North Lamidan, South Lamidan, Calian, Mabuhay, Lawa, Nueva Villa, and Baluntayan.

The local government of Don Marcelino on Sunday ordered the activation of the Regional Animal Disease Task Force in order to focus more on African Swine Fever cases. According to Maruya, the local government imposed a temporary lockdown in the town of Don Marcelino, thus, transporting hogs in and out of the municipality, as well as selling pig meat in the market will be prohibited.

Also, authorities will establish animal quarantine checkpoints in entry points around the municipality in Davao Occidental.

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