BREAKING NEWS: 3 Chinese Nationals in Iloilo Under Quarantine

Authorities Advise 3 Chinese Nationals in Iloilo To Self-Quarantine

CHINESE NATIONALS IN ILOILO – Three (3) Chinese citizens in Banate, Iloilo are under a self-quarantine now.

The spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus in China has alarmed a lot of countries. It was even more ignited when confirmed cases from the different nations crossed the surface.

One of the countries which recently confirmed a case of the disease that was first recorded in Wuhan City, China is the Philippines. It was last Thursday when the Department of Health (DOH) announced the information about the first coronavirus case in the Philippines.

The patient is a 38-year-old Chinese woman. Together with a male companion, they came to PH through a flight from Hong Kong. They were originally from Wuhan City which is the epicenter of the coronvirus.

Chinese Nationals in Iloilo Under Quarantine

Last Sunday, an unexpected news broke out. A 44-year-old Chinese man, the companion of the woman who was the 1st coronavirus patient in the Philippines, died. It is due to coronavirus.

Currently, the DOH and several other authorities are monitoring the people who were in contact with the pair during their stay here in PH. They visited Cebu and Dumaguete before they got admitted at San Lazaro Hospital in Manila.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, there are also three (3) Chinese nationals in Iloilo who are under a self-quarantine now. They were from Fujian province in China.

The Chinese citizens, a mother and her two (2) children, showed symptoms similar to flu. According to DOH Region 6 Infectious Diseases Section Head Dr. Jane Juanico, the patients exhibited coughing.

Based on the report, both the DOH and the local government have already communicated with the said Chinese nationals in Iloilo. They have a business establishment in the town and the mayor asked them to suspend operations while they are under a self-quarantine.

The Chinese citizens are now free from the flu-like symptoms. The DOH Region 6 also assured the activation of the “preparedness and action plan” versus the disease.

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