Beat COVID-19 Before Probing Its Origin, Says China’s UN Ambassador

China's UN Ambassador

Beat COVID-19 Before Probing The Origin Of The Said Virus, According To China’s UN Ambassador China’s UN Ambassador in Geneva on Wednesday said that China won’t invite international experts to probe the origin of COVID-19 until the “final victory” was achieved. In an online briefing, Chen Xu, China’s UN Ambassador in Geneva, told reporters that … Read more

US Coronavirus Cases Surpass Records In China & Italy

US Coronavirus Cases Pres Donald Trump

US Coronavirus Cases Now the Highest Across the Globe US CORONAVIRUS CASES – The total number of COVID-19 cases in the United States surpassed the records in Italy and China. The pandemic 2019 novel coronavirus or COVID-19 was first recorded in China, in the city of Wuhan in Hubei province. In the country, it infected … Read more

Australian Minister Peter Dutton Confirmed Positive For Coronavirus

Australian Minister Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton, Australian Minister for Home Affairs, Tests Positive for Coronavirus AUSTRALIAN MINISTER – Peter Dutton, the ministry of Australia for home affairs, was confirmed positive for coronavirus. Australia is one of the countries affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus, officially called as COVID-19 as named by the World Health Organization (WHO). The said disease … Read more

JUST IN: National Emergency Declared In U.S. Over Coronavirus

National Emergency Declared In U.S

National Emergency Declared In U.S. Due to 2019 Novel Coronavirus NATIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARED IN U.S. – United States President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency over the 2019 novel coronavirus. The United States is one of the countries affected by the 2019 novel coronavirus. It is amid the U.S. implementing strict measures on its … Read more