Koi Fish Died Due to Power Outage; Fish Owner Airs Frustration

Fish owner expresses dismay after his Koi fish died to power outage

KOI FISH – A fish owner took to social media wherein he aired his frustration after his pets died due to power outage.

On the 14th of March 2023, an individual by the name of Dean Kirby Redaniel went to Facebook to express his immense frustration and disappointment over a distressing incident that occurred in Kapalong, Davao del Norte. Mr. Redaniel shared a series of heart-wrenching photographs featuring his beloved koi fish that had passed away due to a 24-hour power outage.

In the post, the distraught fish owner conveyed his deep sorrow and discontentment, highlighting that he had been meticulously taking care of his cherished koi fish for the past five years, and their sudden and tragic demise was unacceptable. It’s not surprising that his post elicited reactions from the online community, many of whom expressed their sympathy and condolences.

Moreover, in the same post, Mr. Redaniel expressed his profound disappointment with Northern Davao Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Nordeco), the local electricity provider. He claimed that due to a series of power interruptions, he had to resort to purchasing solar oxygen equipment to sustain the koi fish in his pond, which proved to be insufficient as the recent power outage lasted for more than a day. What’s more, he expressed his dismay at not receiving any prior notice of the power outage, which could have potentially saved his fish.

This distressing incident is a tragic reminder of the devastating consequences of unexpected power outages. It is commendable that Mr. Redaniel was dedicated to taking care of his koi fish for the past five years, and his unwavering commitment to their well-being is truly admirable. It is unfortunate that despite his efforts to provide an alternative source of oxygen, the power outage resulted in the untimely demise of his beloved pets.

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  1. Should have provided a generator.he should have taken extreme effort to keep the fishes safe. Don’t rely on those electricity provider because even them is not prepared on those power outages.


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