Strange Footbridge Catches Netizens Attention: “Tulay sa Tulay?”

Bridge within footbridge?

FOOTBRIDGE – A strange footbridge located somewhere in the country caught the attention of netizens.

Photo credit: TikTok/screengrab

A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle without blocking the way underneath. It is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle, which is usually something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to cross.

There are seven (7) types of bridges; Arch Bridge, Beam Bridge, Cantilever Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Cable-Stayed Bridge, Tied-Arch Bridge, and Truss Bridge. Among the most common bridges that can be found in the Philippines is a footbridge which is designed solely for pedestrians.

Footbridges are frequently placed in areas where there are no nearby roads to allow pedestrians to cross water or railways. They are also strategically placed across roads to allow pedestrians to cross safely without slowing traffic.

Meanwhile, a strange footbridge has caught the attention of netizens. Recently, a certain Tyra Brown took to the video-sharing platform, TikTok wherein she posted a video of a strange footbridge she found earlier. Her post was accompanied by the caption: “Nakakatakot kaloka”.

@tyrabrown0818 Nakakatakot kaloka 🤭😂 #mainavenue #cubao #araneta #aranetacoliseum ♬ original sound – Tyra Brown

Some netizens were “shocked” upon seeing the strange footbridge. A netizen said: “ahhahahaha ang awkward naman kung sa gitna ka dadaan hahaha.” Another netizen commented: “Pag ako dumadaan dyan feeling ko nasa runway ako hahhahahahahaha”. A netizen said that it was like an obstacle course.

Note: This post will be updated once necessary details are available.

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