Dennis Padilla Airs Frustration After Karen Davila Failed to Interview Him

Dennis Padilla: “Sabi niya, after a week, saka niya ako iinterbyuhin. Hindi naman niya ako binalikan, e.”

DENNIS PADILLA – The father of Julia Barretto aired his frustration after Karen Davila failed to interview him.

Dennis Padilla and Karen Davila
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It was on September 15, 2022, when Julia Barretto was interviewed by Karen Davila. At one point, she admitted that she needs more fatherly love and protection, which she is “not getting right now” from Padilla, and that she has grown weary of their cycle of “making up and getting hurt.”

After Dennis watched the interview, he reached out to Davila for not getting his side of the story. “Pls be fair to all… You need to interview me,” he wrote in a deleted Instagram post. Karen Davila immediately replied to Dennis Padilla by saying: “Good morning Dennis…Just saw this…text you back just now.”

Two months after the controversy, asked for comment from Dennis if the interview was granted. According to him, Karen has yet to fulfill her promise to interview him. He said Karen called him before confronting him about his post. Dennis, on the other hand, said he only said such for making him the “kontrabida.”

Karen did promise to give him a chance to interview. For Dennis, he asked the news anchor if it was okay given the fact that she’s close to Marjorie Barretto, ex-wife of the actor.

They decided to do the interview right after the presscon of his teleserye. Unfortunately, Karen did not fulfill her promise to Dennis to interview him. He said: “Nag-presscon kami. Sabi niya, after a week, saka niya ako iinterbyuhin. Hindi naman niya ako binalikan, e.”

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