Mark Bautista Bravely Opens Up About Being S*xually Assaulted By A Relative

Mark Bautista 10

Mark Bautista Reveals He Was S*xually Abused by Family Member MARK BAUTISTA – Pinoy singer-actor Mark Bautista recently disclosed that he was s*xually abused by a family member. Mark Bautista admitted his bisexuality in January 2018 through his published work, “Beyond the Mark,” sparking controversy with his revelations. At 40, he has yet to engage … Read more

Mark Bautista Willing To Pursue A Relationship W/ A Woman

Mark Bautista 5

Mark Bautista Reveals Willingness To Be In A Relationship W/ A Woman MARK BAUTISTA – Actor-singer Mark Bautista said he is open to a relationship with a woman and shares his aspiration to start a family. Singer-actor Mark Bautista shared insights into his journey following his disclosure of his sexual orientation during his appearance on … Read more

Karen Davila’s Voice While Reporting with Mike Enriquez Captures Netizens’ Attention

Karen Davila and Mike Enriquez

The old voice of Karen Davila captured the attention of netizens MIKE ENRIQUEZ and KAREN DAVILA – A throwback video of the two esteemed broadcast journalists, back when they collaborated in news reporting, has gone viral online, sparking mixed reactions among netizens. Mike and Karen were once co-anchors on the news program ‘Saksi.’ Unfortunately, the … Read more

Charlene Gonzalez and Aga Muhlach On 22 Years Of Marriage

Charlene Gonzalez and Aga Muhlach

Charlene Gonzalez and Aga Muhlach shared their love story as they have been married for 22 years. CHARLENE GONZALEZ AND AGA MUHLACH – The celebrity couple recently opened up about their 22 years of marriage. Broadcast journalist Karen Davila recently released a vlog “AGA & CHARLENE: Why He Proposed Even If She Wasn’t His GF!” … Read more

Empoy Marquez Shares Thoughts On Having Own Family

Empoy Marquez

Empoy Marquez: “Yun po talaga ‘yung dini-desire ko kay God talaga dahil …” EMPOY MARQUEZ – The “Walang KaParis” star recently shared his thoughts about finding the right partner and having a family of his own. The actor-comedian is the celebrity guest in Karen Davila’s latest vlog wherein he spoke about having his own family … Read more

Doug Kramer Reveals Lowest Point in Marriage w/ Cheska

Doug Kramer, Cheska Kramer

Doug Kramer, Wife Cheska Speaks about Marriage DOUG KRAMER – The former professional basketball player revealed the lowest point in his marriage with his wife, Cheska Kramer. Among the couples that many other couples and even single individuals look up to are Douglas and Cheska Kramer. Together with their children, they are popular to the … Read more

Xyriel Manabat and Francine Diaz Reenact Karen-Lyca Viral Birthday Reaction

Xyriel Manabat and Francine Diaz

On their birthday, Xyriel Manabat and Francine Diaz reenact the viral “omigad” video of Karen and Lyca XYRIEL MANABAT and FRANCINE DIAZ – The “Dirty Linen” stars reenact the viral birthday reaction of Karen Davila and Lyca Gairanod. The two young actresses are celebrating their birthday today, January 27. Both turned 19. Recently, they went … Read more

Karen Davila Marks 52nd Birthday: “I woke up today more grateful than ever for my life”

Karen Davila

Karen Davila: “Waking up to 52” KAREN DAVILA – The broadcast journalist and content creator welcomed another year in her life as she recently celebrated her 52nd birthday. Karen celebrated her 52nd birthday last Monday, November 21, 2022. The broadcast journalist shared photos of herself on her social media account to mark her special day. … Read more