Dennis Padilla Breaks Silence on Julia Barretto’s Interview with Karen Davila

Here’s the reaction of Dennis Padilla in the interview of Julia Barretto with Karen Davila

DENNIS PADILLA – The actor has broken his silence following the interview of his daughter Julia Barretto with Karen Davila wherein the actress opened up about their family issues.

Dennis Padilla on Julia Barretto
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It was just recently when Julia Barretto was interviewed by Karen Davila.

In the said interview, Barretto acknowledged that she needs more fatherly love and protection, which she is “not getting right now” from Padilla, and that she has grown weary of their cycle of “making up and getting hurt.”

On Sunday, September 18, Padilla addressed Barretto in a series of posts on his Instagram as a response to these claims. Apparently, the actor appears to have deleted the posts off his page but screenshots were being reposted on social media.

“Ako ang dapat takbuhan mo Julia. I defended you pero nagalit pa kayo sa akin,” he said. “Sobra kayo. Ano itong mga kwento mo kay Karen?”

“Karen asked you kung napatawad mo na ako? Karen, ask me also kung napatawad ko na silang lahat. Interview me para mahimay natin,” he said while addressing to Davila.

Padilla recalled moving their family from one house to another, which Barretto also mentioned in her interview, noting that he was the one who paid for their expenses and their townhouse at the time.

In addition, Padilla displayed a picture of his parents and recalled how Leon and Claudia Padilla, Julia’s siblings, never once mentioned their late grandfather, veteran actor Dencio Padilla, in any of their interviews.

Padilla continued to urge Davila to “be fair” and schedule an interview with him as well, pointing out that Julia’s understanding of their family’s history may not be accurate. In her reply, Davila claimed that she had texted the actor privately.

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