Valentine Rosales on Dennis Padilla: “Napaka Toxic… kaya siguro malayo mga anak niya”

Here’s the reaction of Valentine Rosales on Dennis Padilla’s issue

VALENTINE ROSALES – The internet celebrity called Dennis Padilla “toxic” in his reaction to the latter’s problem with his children.

Valentine Rosales and Dennis Padilla
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It was just recently when Julia Barretto was interviewed by Karen Davila.

In the said interview, Barretto acknowledged that she needs more fatherly love and protection, which she is “not getting right now” from Padilla, and that she has grown weary of their cycle of “making up and getting hurt.”

Her statement prompted her father to speak up.

On Sunday, September 18, Dennis Padilla addressed Julia Barretto in a series of posts on his Instagram as a response to her claims. Apparently, the actor seems to have deleted the posts off his page but screenshots were being reposted on social media.

He also called out Karen Davila for not getting his side of the story.

Amid the issue between Dennis and Julia, the actress’s mother Marjorie Barretto also butt in. Even the latter’s sister Claudine Barretto has spoken on the issue.

Aside from the Barrettos, netizens also shared their thoughts about the issue between Dennis and his kids.

Among those is internet celebrity Valentine Rosales. In what appears to be a comment, he called Dennis “toxic.”

According to him, Dennis should not bring up the issue of their family on social media.

Here’s the message of Valentine Rosales to Dennis Padilla:

It can be recalled that Valentine rose to fame following the death of flight attendant Christine Dacera.

He and their other friends were with Dacera before she passed away.

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