GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Jorryme Responds to Ales’s “Baliw” Accusation

Here’s the latest on the Girl Bestfriend Feeling Asawa issue

GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Jorryme Vodisek, the wife of Ales Vodisek, responded to her husband’s accusation that she has a mental problem.

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Jorryme, Ales, and the latter’s girl bestfriend Shaira Mae Boyonas are currently making rounds online following their issue which started after Jorryme exposed her convo with Ales and Shaira and at the same time shared some snaps of their wedding.

Netizens noticed an unusual closeness between Ales and Shaira, prompting social media people to think that there was something between them.

Amid the issue, several sweet photos and videos of Ales and Shaira surfaced online.

Ales has issued a statement airing her side. On the other hand, Shaira denied in an interview having romantic relationship with Ales.

As the issue continues to escalate, there were accusations coming from the respective party of Ales and Jorryme.

At one point, Ales claimed that Jorryme has a mental problem and needs to get medication.

“I’m a terrible person, but I admit I made a mistake… I marry you and you didn’t want to go to talk… You need a professional help, this is the direct answer,” Ales, a Slovenian national said.

“You cannot go better until you get medication,” he added.

Jorryme reacted to the accusation of her husband.

She gave her reaction in a Facebook post wherein she attached a vlog of Ales titled: “I still love you.”

Here’s the reaction of Jorryme:

Meanwhile, netizens are waiting for the appearance of the three in the public service program of Senator Raffy Tulfo.

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