GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Jorryme Responds to Ales’s “Baliw” Accusation

girl bestfriend issue

Here’s the latest on the Girl Bestfriend Feeling Asawa issue GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – Jorryme Vodisek, the wife of Ales Vodisek, responded to her husband’s accusation that she has a mental problem. Jorryme, Ales, and the latter’s girl bestfriend Shaira Mae Boyonas are currently making rounds online following their issue which started after … Read more

GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA ISSUE – International Relations Expert Offers Help to Jorryme Vodisek

Sass Rogando Sasot on Jorryme Vodisek issue

Background check? Sass Rogando Sasot offers help to Jorryme Vodisek SASS ROGANDO SASOT – The international relations expert is offering her help to Jorryme Vodisek following the latter’s issue with her husband and his girl bestfriend. The issue began after Jorryme shared on social media her chat with Shaira Mae Boyonas and Ales Vodisek along … Read more