“Nagbago ang ihip ng hangin?” – Jorryme unexpectedly defended her husband Ales Vodisek

JORRYME VODISEK – The wife of Ales Vodisek took to social media wherein she unexpectedly defended the latter and plead to netizens not to bash him.

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It was just recently when the story of Jorryme, Ales and the girl bestfriend of the Slovenian national, named Shaira Mae Boyonas went viral.

It was even featured on the magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).

However, it seemed that netizens lost their sympathy for Jorryme after she unexpectedly defended her husband.

On September 11, she went to social media wherein she plead to netizens to stop bashing her Ales because according to her, the foreigner is the real victim in the issue.

Here’s the statement of Jorryme:

Attached to her statement is a video of her.

As expected, the video generated mixed reactions from the netizens.

Many noticed something about Jorryme. Some claimed that she’s undergoing depression which is why she’s acting that way.

The “vlog” of Jorryme came after Ales reacted to her KMJS appearance.

In a video, Ales called his wife a “serial liar” and explained why he’s not in favor that her wife has taken loans for their wedding.

Meanwhile, Ales claimed at one point that Jorryme has a mental problem and needs to get medication.

“I’m a terrible person, but I admit I made a mistake… I marry you and you didn’t want to go to talk… You need a professional help, this is the direct answer,” he said.

“You cannot go better until you get medication,” he added.

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