Katrina Ponce-Enrile Defends ‘Delimondo’ After Boycott Call

Here’s the message of JPE’s daughter Katrina Ponce-Enrile to netizens calling to boycott Delimondo

Katrina Ponce-Enrile – The daughter of former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile took to social media wherein she defended their company Delimondo after some netizens called to boycott the homegrown brand.

Delimondo boycott
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Homegrown brand Delimondo is well known for its corned beef and other food items.

Over the years, netizens have been calling to boycott it. Probably, due to the affiliation of Enrile with the Marcoses.

On Facebook, Katrina Ponce-Enrile pleads with the netizens to not drag their company into the political scene.

“Delimondo is known for their corned beef, but we do have other products equally as good as our corned beef. Can we not make this political. I created Delimondo. My family name just happened to be Ponce Enrile,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Juan Ponce Enrile, 98, has been in the government service for 50 years. He became an assemblyman, congressman, senator, and senate president.

He is said to be the protege of BBM’s father late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. It was in 1966 when he served as acting secretary of finance, secretary of the Justice Department from December 17, 1968, to February 7, 1970, and minister of defense from January 1972 to February 1986.

He was also a key figure in the fall of Marcos’s regime during the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

Fast forward to 2022, he became a vocal supporter of PBBM.

Presently, he’s serving as the chief presidential legal counsel of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

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7 thoughts on “Katrina Ponce-Enrile Defends ‘Delimondo’ After Boycott Call”

  1. Why boycott the product when the product itself is being enjoyed by fun loving beef lovers like me here in the Philippines. It did not caused harm to those who patronized it. It’s totally absurd that it has something to do with politics either.

  2. This is a perfect example of what’s wrong with “Cancel Culture” – let merit meet its own destiny. Conspiracy theorists can connect dotted lines to anything absurd they fancy.


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