GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA – Shaira Mae Boyonas Airs Side on Issue with Ales Vodisek, Jorryme Vodisek

Here’s the side of Shaira Mae Boyonas on the issue

GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA – Shaira Mae Boyonas aired her side on her trending issue with newly-wed Ales Vodisek and Jorryme Vodisek.

girl bestfriend issue
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

The issue began after Jorryme shared on social media her chat with Shaira and Ales along with images from her wedding.

Many online users commented on their conversation, some of whom accused Shaira, the girl bestfriend of the groom, of posing as the bride.

In several photos, Shaira and Ales appear to be particularly close to one another.

A few days after the wedding, somewhat outdated pictures and videos of Shaira and Jorryme’s husband, Ales, surfaced online.

It’s possible that the bride was upset by this and complained on social media.

The following was written by Jorryme as the caption for one of the pictures she uploaded: “Naging girl bestfriend din naman ako pero never po akong umastang asawa.”

Shaira Mae Boyonas has aired her side on the matter.

In a video, she shared what really happened based on the posts circulating on social media.

According to her, the said viral posts were made as per the request of their photographer. She also clarified that there is nothing between her and Ales apart from being bestfriends.

It can be seen in their videos, especially on TikTok, that they are close to each other.

She also pleaded with the public not to involve her son in the criticism because that is a different matter.

Watch the video below:

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