GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA – Jorryme Vodisek, Ales Vodisek and Shaira Mae Boyonas Issue

Trending issue of the bride (Jorryme Vodisek), groom (Ales Vodisek), and groom’s girl bestfriend (Shaira Mae Boyonas)

GIRL BESTFRIEND FEELING ASAWA – The issue between Jorryme Vodisek, Ales Vodisek and his girl bestfriend Shaira Mae Boyonas continues to dominate online.

girl bestfriend issue
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It all started after Jorryme went to social media wherein she exposed her conversation with Ales and Shaira at the same time posted some snaps during their wedding.

Their conversation earned mixed reactions from the netizens with some accusing Shaira, the groom’s girlfriend, of posing like the bride.

In some photos, Shaira and Ales can be noticed for their unusual closeness to each other.

Days after the wedding, what appears to be old photos and videos of Shaira together with Jorryme’s husband, Ales, resurfaced online.

This might have prompted the bride to express her frustration on social media.

In one of the photos which she posted, Jorryme captioned it with: “Naging girl bestfriend din naman ako pero never po akong umastang asawa.”

Her post continue to make rounds online with some netizens accusing her of being, “girl bestfriend, feeling asawa.”

Meanwhile, Ales Vodisek and Shaira Mae Boyonas have already aired their side on the issue.

According to Vodisek, everything that Jorryme posted on Facebook was all lies.

He also defended Shaira saying that his photos with her on their wedding day were captured that way as per the request of the photographer.

He stressed that Shaira was his best woman during the wedding and his only “family” there.

Ales also noted that legal action will be undertaken against Jorryme and to people spreading lies against him and Shaira.

Shaira, on the other hand, pleads to netizens to stop bashing and judging her because people don’t know the whole story.

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